Winter survival plan

Despite my best efforts to avoid any GoT cliches, I can really feel that winter is coming. In theory the fall equinox should be my favourite day of the year (best excuse for +1 hour of sleep that noone can argue with) but it invariably comes as a shock to the system.

So in an effort to distract myself from the horrible darkness that’s upon us, I’m trying to enjoy the season for what it is, and notice the sheer gorgeousness of it.


Plan is to wear hats and dark lipstick a lot, and to crack out my warmer coats and favourite fingerless pairs of gloves. Also to stock up on fuzzy opaque tights at Primark and get that Uniqlo knee-length down winter jacket awesomeness in dove brown. Also, drink hot toddies because what else?

My office window is huge and it’s due right south-west, so I’ll get all the daylight hours I need.

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Winter survival plan
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