What is kürtőskalács and where to find it


This un-pronouncable beauty, kürtőskalács, originates from my homeland, Transylvania. Moist levened dough wrapped around a wooden spit, baked over a wood chip fire, glazed in sugar. It couldn’t get any more festive, especially if you go for some traditional flavouring like cinnamon or walnut.

In the UK I’ve mostly seen them dubbed as “chimney cake”, which is a rather good way to describe them: when freshly made, they’re wrapped in cellophane, leaving one end open to let the warm steam escape. This really does make them look like chimneys.


Lately market stalls selling them in a myriad of flavours have been cropping up in every market in Europe, at Christmas, festivals, farmers markets… you name it. They look mouth-watering and do taste incredible too, so it’s not hard to see why they became so popular so quickly.

If the pictures triggered your saliva glands and you must have some, the Edinburgh markets definitely have a stall (third row down, halfway between Scott Monument and the galleries), but I’d wager if you scour any xmas market in the UK, you’ll be sure to find one.

And if you do get some, go on and try saying its real name, curt-osh kalach.


What is kürtőskalács and where to find it
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