Weekly running #5

Two runs this week. 

Monday – 5.01 kms in 34:06 at 6’48”
I don’t know why… but this felt amazing. No records fell but it just felt great! More of these runs please.

Wednesday – 5.01 kms in 38:01 at 7’35”
This was not one of those runs. Felt like death, I walked a k in the middle. Och well.


And that was it for the week. My lazy sloth tendencies still get in the way on the days I’m off work like Friday, any day when a lie-in is highly likely… or any that Dan doesn’t make it to the gym (not many of those).

These next two weeks in Aus though… I didn’t packed my running shoes… Maybe time to try running barefoot on the beach?


Weekly running #5
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