Weekend hobbles

I should really give my poor feet a break, but it’s difficult to justify lying down indoors on the rare pretty days in Edinburgh. My walking has been reduced to a hobble for days now (I overdid the cycling thang and the feet said ‘no’), but as soon as they felt like they could carry me again, I headed out with the Boy’s camera body, and one of my own vintage pancake lenses, to enjoy the sun.


It took some adjusting to, using this lens I know well in a fully manual context, but now fitted on a DSLR’s body. Finding focus, or the right exposure were all challenges at first, but slowly some decent shots emerged.

IMG_5218 IMG_5223

As on most of my ‘boyless’ summer days, I plunged for my usual wandering snacks, spent some time lying in the grass, and wished I brought a book with me.


I ended up watching a spot of cricket, posed around at the riverside for the self-timer for a bit, hunted for pretty flowers and only headed home in the glorious orange-yellow light once my feet could absolutely take no more.

IMG_5267 IMG_5293

Weekend hobbles
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