Week alone

While the Boy went off to Iceland with his mates for a week, I tried a few new things. Like cycling to work for instance. Or setting up this blog. I also went back to some of my old ways, the rut I was used to before we moved in — he’s been away before, but only for a day here and there, so this time old habits really had some time to kick back in.


It felt good to reconnect with my old pre-Boy routines. At the same time i can’t wait to see him later tonight.

My pre-Boy rut, that sounds a bit odd, although strangely fitting. Here’s a few examples:

  • Waking up at 7, going to bed at midnight.
  • Taking naps. :)
  • Fiddling with tech stuff until midnight.
  • Getting ridiculously excited and borderline obsessed about my latest project.
  • Sitting on the couch with terrible posture, bending over my laptop all day. Getting incredibly cold toes.
  • Going for a long walk on a Saturday, involving looking at some shops, potentially buying some makeup, perhaps coffee and cake but definitely visit Pret a Manger for lunch.
  • Not really eating much while I’m home, certainly running on an empty fridge.
  • To make up for the skipped meals, knock up brownies-in-a-mug (this is a new habit to be fair, I’m sure it just replaced some old identical one). Here’s the Pinterest recipe I’m obsessed with. I use half of everything but you get the idea.

So in all not many habits worth keeping. :)

I’m pretty pleased about the cycling though.

Here’s another few pics, the Boy was sending them daily, my meagre fix of the awesomeness that is Iceland.



imageHe’s captured some mind-boggling landscapes. Hope one day he’ll take me there.


Week alone
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