Vintage Edinburgh

Edinburgh boasts numerous vintage fairs throughout the year, and a pretty decent selection of shops too, if you’re that way inclined. LouLou’s Vintage fair is just one of the many hosted at Assembly Rooms throughout the year, but also one of the biggest ones.

It’s a buzzing parade of colourful fabrics and furs, with some jewellery and leather goods thrown in – at one corner stall you can even get your hair done up in real R&R style, victory curls and all.

I love scouting out such happenings, the general buzz and colourfulness fascinates me and I often find myself milling about for hours. Last time it was on, I looked at vintage jewellery, hats and scarves for about an hour and a half, more for the fun of browsing than to actually buy anything.

IMG_5284IMG_5276 IMG_5286

The venue is really something special too. Fully refurbished by 2013, the stunning interiors of Assembly Rooms quickly lured me away from the crowds and down closed-off corridors that I’m pretty sure I had no business sneaking around in, to rooms like these:

IMG_5273 IMG_5289 IMG_5302

The Vintage Fair is on again very soon: the same venue, on the 21st of November from 11am-5pm. Drop by for an afternoon of spying victory curls, browsing through old furs and all manners of colourful shiny things.


Vintage Edinburgh
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