Usher Hall light explosions

Isn’t it just human nature to mark the beginning and end of events with drinks, big bangs and colourful lights?


Friday night saw the opening show of the Edinburgh International Festival, a projection mapping performanceset to the music of John Adams, that used Usher Hall as its canvas. The Harmonium Project commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, with visual effects created by a troupe of artists from 59 Productions.

It was pretty awesome to huddle up with about 19,000 (!) other people on Festival Square and watch the familiar building explode with light.


Leaving the square was even more fun, I’ve never seen this big a crowd move around the streets of Edinburgh at once. To be honest it was a bit of a chaos, but we waded through the masses quickly and walked home in the warm(ish) summer night.

The Boy took lots of pictures of the light show (all the above are his too), but you can only really appreciate these effects on video, so here’s the official cut-up, to give you an idea:

WOW247’s report on the Harmonium Project has lots more tweets and pictures from the event.

Usher Hall light explosions
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