Three things #2

rally&broad, shitty boyfriends by refinery29 and sepultura collage

Last week was a good one for surprise discoveries. It was also a very intense one at work, so all these wee pop/alt-cultural gems helped brighten and lighten the load. During daytime toiling away like a maniac at the office, all these workshops requiring so much thought, using up all my brainpower, focussing internally to get the best of my work out there; then heading out or snuggling up to absorb some culture in the evenings.

Rally & Broad

Rally & Broad: Tangled Up In Blue (Edinburgh)

Rally & Broad is probably my best discovery so far this year, and that’s saying something. Jenny Lindsay & Rachel McCrum are two fabulous lady poets and this their brainchild, a remarkable literary cabaret show that was pure bliss to attend at the end of a hard work week. Held monthly in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, fellow poets, indie singers and all sorts of literary acts perform at these events. It’s a tasteful and entertaining mix of talents, rowdy and quietly spoken at the same time.

New lineups are published on the Rally & Broad facebook page and the one for 18th December is already out:

Rally & Broad 18th December 2015 lineup If you’re into words, beautiful words, then you must come join me. I will sure be a regular from here on!

Shitty Boyfriends

I binge-watched this mini-series for total gems such as:

  Yeah but… if girls killed themselves every time they got with an asshole, there’d be nothing left in this world but… well, assholes. Just like, bumping dicks against each other… trying to figure out how to reproduce.

Shitty Boyfriends is a chuckle-worthy dating comedy that echoes the good old sure-fire recipe of Sex and the City episodes, only with a digital-age twist. Also I’m totally stalking all the lipstick and outfits.

Here’s the whole Shitty Boyfriends playlist, if you like.

Unexpected heavy metal


Don’t ask me how I ended up at the Sepultura gig  in Glasgow last Wednesday. These days I avoid almost all gigs by my fave heavy bands, they’re simply too loud, and especially once you add in the travel time on a school night, I find that I don’t much enjoy them anymore. I would be happier listening to their albums at home, and would be able to appreciate the music a lot more too. Anyhow, I only found out by chance that D got me tickets, so in a way I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

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The Classic Grand by Central station was a good looking venue, a lot more intimate than any of the previous ones I’ve been to in Glasgow, so in that aspect it was great, but still it was difficult to hear anything…

In other news, sadly I missed out on the Prodigy gig this week. From what I hear, it was a huge party… I feel like I’m turning into a wee nana, early nights and quietly pleasant poetry nights…

Am I growing up, or am I growing old?

Three things #2
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