Three things #1

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It’s already November, can you believe it?? Work’s been pretty tough lately so I just have a very few random things to show you, but it’s all stuff I’ve been really enjoying lately.

#1 is the best outing I’ve been on in a while here in Edinburgh. But life can’t be all exciting, there’s the day job and sometimes you just want to recharge doing totally mindless stuff… so if you’re looking for something to veg out to, #2 and #3 are my top contenders these days!

1: Escape Edinburgh


Locked in a mysterious room with 60 minutes to get out.
Do you have what it takes to escape?

I’ve been planning on going to one of these escape rooms for yonks, but somehow always forgot. So when work organised a team building thang for this week, I was all over it! We tackled the Da Vinci room and kind of sucked at it, but I guess we still escaped, and that’s what counts. I was particularly proud that I got to use my shift cypher skills to solve one of the puzzles that baffled everybody else. ^__^

In case you’re wondering, our time was 56:51 and we used a lot of help over the walkie-talkie. Just for comparison, my friend Esther and her friends went and beat the room in about 24 minutes. Clearly a much sharper team. :)

It was great fun and now I want to go back to solve the other rooms too (they have three). Check them out at

2: Crazy Reddit Sims’ers

When the /r/askReddit thread What is the worst thing you’ve ever done on The Sims series? went viral, I was all over it. I used to love that game, even though I never really got that into the gameplay itself. The money cheats totally made it for me, as I was always more interested in the house building and never really got excited about the rest.

This thread really helped me get the success of TS though. I used to create a single character resembling some idealised version of myself, and tried to“get up to fun stuff”. Then maintenance would quickly become a chore, I would get bored and stop playing. Reading through the reddit commenters’ stories, I realised that I got it all wrong!

There’s this marvellous thing called story progression. You can just set up a family with all sorts of weird traits, shove them into a house, max out free will, crank up the speed, sit back and watch what happens. It’s like a harmless reality show where you can go all deus ex machina whenever you want.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the crazy modding scene out there…

I got so stoked reading the thread that I ended up dusting off my old install of Sims 3… then went on to create a semi-me-like character, began playing and got bored in an hour. I guess I still don’t get how to play after all…

In the process I also discovered YouTubers who post their own gameplay with commentary and mental storylines, such as this swedish guy Robbaz. Here’s one of his Halloween features, way more phun than any of my own characters:

3: Get Off My Internets

Oh, GOMI forums, where would I be without you.

If you follow a few blogs but you’re beginning to get sick of them, this is the place to go to vent. There’s so much on there beyond hate-reading and snarking though! A fantastic community, very active and engaged, and if I ever come out of lurking, it will definitely be on this forum.

There are loads of threads that are pure gold, like Old School Internets (the URL is alt.gomi which I adore), SOMI (recommending blogs worth reading), and members-only threads such as Ask a Hamcat (draw on the collective wisdom of the forums) or GOMI Book Club (self-explanatory) are some of my favourites. I also recently found some inspo and ideas on Blogger talk (how original), some super helpful peeps out there.


Now, that’s it folks! Until next time.

Three things #1
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