A Stirling day trip

It’s been a while, Crocodile. I’m due an update on recent outings, so here’s a recap.

Since I got back from Aus, time passed in an eye-blink, but we managed to fit a lot in. My fake birthday on Leap Year Day; Stirling and the Wallace Monument; pitch-side rugby watching at Murrayfield (my first time!); my little brother and his girlfriend visiting us; games of Carcassone; Loch Awe, Oban, a fairy bridge and another one over the Atlantic; a drive through Glen Coe and the Trossachs; beginning to go for runs from work (and the resulting glorious sleep-ins in the mornings)… it’s been a very busy two weeks, but now I’m ready to slowly catch up with my photo folder.

First up though, Stirling.


We haven’t even recovered from jet lag and it was already time to said goodbye to our friend Liam. He’s been staying with us for a few months while exploring Europe, I kinda got used to having him around.

We didn’t let him go without some notorious over-eating and a final outing: a trip to the Wallace Monument, on the single sunny day he experienced during his time here. In fact he left just as the weather started to turn, so he only really saw the grouchy side of Scotland. I guess that’s the reality of living here, so fair enough.


I was going to write about the Wallace Monument, but truth is, I have more photos to show for it than things to say. In fact these children’s guestbook entries perfectly summarise my thoughts:

stirling-wallace-guestbook  stirling-wallace-steps

I hate/dread narrow spiral staircases, especially on the way down. So this was my worst nightmare…

Anyhow, it was a nice wee day trip, I loved the architecture of the lookout and I learned a lot about Scotland’s history from the displays within. I wouldn’t attempt to paraphrase any of it though – go and see for yourself.

And while you’re in Stirling, don’t miss the Shakebar, because:

DSC01966 DSC01968

That Tunnock’s Teacakes milkshake…. mhmmm.

Now that life’s back to normal-ish (it took a while), it’s time to fall back into a routine again back on here too. I might go back and write about some of the other happenings above too – if you want to hear about any of them in particular, shout!

A Stirling day trip
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