Perfection is a matter of time

These weeks I’m stuck in limbo (or sometimes more like a rollercoaster) and I don’t handle uncertain situations very well at the best of times. The only thing worse than a notice period is one that you haven’t started yet.


There’s this fantastic reminder by the end of the Union Canal, a giant wall that simply says: perfection is a matter of time.

Having a way out in itself should give me an enormous amount of relief, a freedom not to care, that breathing space that I craved so badly last month — but it’s not enough. So I took two much needed weeks off, and I’m re-learning some of my old feel-good habits again.


Here are some of the things that kept me going until the self-enforced break:

  • bright lipsticks and playing with makeup — all of the colours make me happy
  • the spring sunshine and the many hours of daylight — a welcome energy boost
  • a combination of nakd bars, chocolate soy milk and buckets of raspberries
  • fewer but better runs
  • alternating between breakcore and Shpongle
  • escapism: I’m reading all my down-in-the-dumps classics again (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter) and this really helps me cope
  • this new Scottish poetry anthology my mate David bought for me from Neu! Reekie!
  • playing Limbo
  • learning to drive — even though I suck at it, badly. Watch out, I’m on the road.
  • other lady bloggers’s posts who have gone / are going through rough patches, reminding me that this is normal.

And here are some others that I’m planning on keeping busy with while I’m off:

  • Going through holiday photos on flickr and deciding what I’ll be writing about on here – I miss this place!
  • Figuring out how the heck I’m going to pull this weekly plane commute thing off! So tempted to “travel gear up”…
  • Sorting out the dentist, the hairdresser and finally using that spa voucher I got for xmas
  • Planning a holiday with the other half to Lake Balaton in August. This is a change from the road trip we planned to Transylvania, a bit more realistic given my looming job change.
  • Shooting a lot of footage and trying to teach myself to edit video. YouTube beware! (Nah seriously tho, talking to the camera is shockingly hard! I never realised my face did all those things. I don’t think I’ll be a ‘tube star anytime soon tbh… gave up on that. But editing is FUN!)
  • Cycling and walking everywhere: I resolved to refuse spending money on transport unless it’s pissing down (which luckily it isn’t). My feet aren’t thanking me for it but my soul is.
  • Painting watercolours again. I’m thinking of doing a “We Can Do It!” poster for a friend.
  • Finishing that brand spanking new blog theme I started back in January. It still needs illustrations to breathe some life into it… but other than that, it’s not too far from seeing the light of day. Exciting!

Perfection is just a matter of time. It’s my mantra. Keeping it on repeat.

Perfection is a matter of time
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