One Art, please!

Our trip to Melbourne was loaded with visual stimuli. Like I mentioned, street art is omnipresent and it’s obvious that the whole city has a keen appreciation for arts and culture. Besides exploring all the lanes and back alleys in the CBD, we also spent one afternoon and another whole morning at the National Galleries of Victoria, first exploring the permanent section and then returning for the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibit too.

I was keen to report in detail on all of this but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to get free and functioning WiFi connections on this trip… so the best solution seemed to be a simple photo-bomb of sorts so you can flick through all the pretty artsy things, high or low brow.

graf-dank graf-hosier-lane graf-lush graf-mosaic-street-art graf-sprinkler kookaburra-stencils lanes-dame-edna lanes-disgustingly-self-indulgent


national-gallery-victoria-wide national-gallery-victoriarodin-thinker


If you’re curious where to find all of this, Dan found this suggested walk with a map to Melbourne’s “graffiti lanes”, and here’s a link to the Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei exhibition.

One Art, please!
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