Off to AUS

The past weeks flew by in a blur – my posting frequency totally reflects this. It’s been a mad five weeks since getting back from Spain, to get everything sorted and ready for my next big trip, starting tomorrow, to… Australia!!!

The itinerary goes: Melbourne for six nights, Benalla for one, then three in Canberra, Sydney to meet friends and finally some hiking in the Blue Mountains… Can’t wait! I’ve been twice before on family/friends visits, but this will be my first real-real tourist holiday, so I’m extra excited.


We’re all packed and ready to go now. I managed not to max out my suitcase, although you only really find out if you overpacked once you’re about a week into a trip… I cut back mostly on makeup, hair products and jeans, which I all severely overpacked on previous long haul trips.

I bet you’ve seen a thousand and one “what’s in my travel … bag” videos and blogposts, so none of that on this blog. I’ll be writing about how I try to cope on long haul flights, and maybe a half-time review of what I shouldn’t have wasted space with in my suitcase. And of course I’ll be putting up lots of sunny travel adventure posts – my favourite kind! Stay tuned if you like them too.

Off to AUS
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