New job rituals

So — curious about the new job, huh? I’m having a pretty nice time adjusting to my new rhythm, however crazy it may sound.

How can so much travel & being away from home for most of the week possibly feel like a good work-life balance?? Somehow it just does. I sleep well, eat well, go for runs along the floating harbour, and the transit time quite naturally translates into side project work — something I always struggled to allocate time to. So in all I can already see the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Settling into a new role and work environment, there’s some silly rituals I always catch myself doing, like this one: I take a post-it note and draw up a diagram, the same wee thing, everywhere I ever worked, for nearly a decade. I first saw it on a mate’s workout/bulking-up blog and it hit home with such force that I always kept it around myself, on covers of notebooks and edges of screen frames, ever since.


It’s a simple diagram, showing the relationship between comfort, result and intensity, and it means so much to me on so many levels. Such a fantastic reminder, and so many ways to interpret it. Shit job? Aim for the sweet spot where the two lines meet. Awesome job? Make an effort and give the most you can give. Watch for burnout, it doesn’t give you proportionally better results. And so on.

On Tuesday I sat down and drew up my new post-it note, stuck it to my screen, and took a deep breath of relief. I’m in a place I like. I feel like it might be somewhere worth working hard for. And I love this wee reminder of that, in all its simplicity, with everything it can convey.

New job rituals
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