I’m in Melbourne!

What day is it even, right now back home? Wednesday? The jet lag is mostly gone, but I’m still working on my sixth sense for a world clock… You’re something like 11 hours behind us right now, and it’s making things like regular medication, Skype calls and blog scheduling very difficult slash confusing.

I’m now three days into the Melbourne leg of the trip. We arrived on the night of the 14th, surprisingly not too sick of life and air travel, so much so that we even squeezed in a nice riverside walk and a dinner, just like the good couple we are.

Jet lag didn’t really catch up with us until the afternoon the following day — I slept through the whole night, got hungry at all the right times, until about 3pm when I slowly began to implode. Dan followed just a couple of hours behind, and at one point both of us ended up sitting by the river, staring off into the sunset / blank space, not quite sure what hit us.


We must have walked miles and miles all around the central business district (CBD, downtown), and yet I can’t remember much of it. There was some sort of a graffiti trail around downtown (this was lots of fun and should be the next thing I write about), I quickly got most of my mandatory shopping out of the way (stocked up on all the goods I can only get over here — perhaps also worth a read?) and finally when it got too hot, we took shelter in the National Gallery to cool down and see some art.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we hired a car and toured the outskirts mostly, hitting some of the suburbs, and then beach towns, rainforesty walks and even an abandoned powerhouse (also on the local graffiti trail), so I don’t feel I’ve seen very much of the city, but that’s what tomorrow is there for. So far the highlights are:

Coffee. All the coffee. Invariably amazing. I’m in OZ.


All the graffitied-up lanes! All the colourful artwork filling up every wall and surface of every back alley wedged between the business high-rises. Newer architecture echoing the free-flowing style of the graffiti and interacting with the explosion of shapes and colours.

Half dozen cream cheese bagels from 5 and Dime Bagel. They were ghuud. Too good even. I’m done with cream cheese for life. But, bagels!

Epic buttermilk pancakes and egg breakfasts at the Grain Store

Ponyfish Island — a bar built on an artificial island in the middle of the Yarra river. A bit windy, but pure bliss!


All of the Southbank promenade, this must be the “worst” of Melbs in terms of eating out but it’s been so convenient for dinners when zonked by jet lag…

Plus, this view from our wee balcony has been quite the highlight too, day and night:

melbs-southbank-skyline-day melbs-southbank-skyline-night

More photos soon! I’m having trouble finding time, but I promise I’ll catch up.

I’m in Melbourne!
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