What’s it like to write a letter of resignation by the poolside?

Well, turns out, it feels pretty fucking awesome.


Especially when followed by an hour long massage and a fancy lunch at a top hotel. I was pretty lucky to have such an awesome time doing something so typically stressful, and I have some awesome family members to thank for the gift: a spa day at the Balmoral. Seriously, what better way to give zero fucks about work and get ready to drop the news?

I’ve been feeling absolutely amazing since giving notice at my current job, and got up to a million silly light-hearted things. The last two weeks have been a chaotic blur so I’m just literally going to sift through my camera for some photos with a story and dump them on ya — good luck untangling this mess.


First, I gate-crashed a post-conference party sponsored by a bunch of my favourite peeps from the previous job in a haar-laden Edinburgh Castle… just to be able to pose for photos with Dan wearing a full body white walker suit, and subsequently prey on the canapés and free wine, catching up with old colleagues I haven’t seen for two full years. It was great.


Don’t ask… I just love this weirdo.


Somewhere along the way, Hidden Doors also happened. I was so busy that week that I only made it to the Thursday night, which was a shame. Art aside I was keen for a few nights of live music, but there just wasn’t enough time damnit!


Not sure what it is about Hidden Doors, but each year I arrive on an empty stomach, and walk up to the bar to get a drink to enjoy while I walk through the art rooms. Each year I ask for a half pint of Thistly Cross, and each year I get served a full one, and naturally of the 6.2% variety too.

The art then gradually improves as I work my way through said pint, and by the time I arrive to the downstairs concert hall, I’m ready to jump around like a daftie to just about any music playing.

At least I did choose a great night to go this year and it wasn’t just any bad music, so I wound up dancing in the literal front row for this London-based indie band Nimmo:

DSC02625 DSC02632

I must have looked very convincing snapping photos of them because the guy next to me asked afterwards if I was a journalist of sorts… or perhaps he guessed, and was just kind enough not to use the b-word (blogger).

Anyhoo, Nimmo was lots of fun that night; here, have a listen: (I was a little bit tipsy so no promises!)


Then last weekend we did this crazy 28k circular walk in spectacular weather, Glas Tulaichean and Carn an Righ, starting from Spittal of Glenshee. So that’s another two munros bagged I guess? I’m loosing count, and I’m not even in double figures…


This is us being very ooey-gooey on top of Carn an Righ. Ugh. Look at us. We were pretty happy tho! After the second peak we made our way through stalking tracks and along the shores of a tranquil loch sitting on high grounds above 700m-s, then descended right on the shoulders of a good 300m tall waterfall feeding straight from the same loch, into an incredible and vast valley, bathed in the evening sun. Our feet were so sore but the landscape was so beautiful that we really couldn’t complain… I didn’t even bother taking pictures, was just too busy taking in the views.


Okay, enough of this random incoherent update now. I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing well, and lots of things are happening, however few of them well-enough documented or even blog-worthy.

The countdown to my last day at work is very real (13 more working days to be exact!), then a trip to the Faroe Islands (yes, really!), then straight into the new job — and then there will be lots more to share and ponder upon.

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