Goodbye 2015


This year felt like it just sped by and disappeared in huge leaps. I have this theory that when you look back at any time period and it feels like it went really quickly, then you probably didn’t get up to much, as you don’t have much to remember it by. 2015 was definitely an exception to this rule as it felt like I was constantly SO mentally busy, yet now looking back I really struggled to remember what all the hustling was for.

Dan sits down at the end of each year and recaps just for himself all the places he visited and things that he’d done in the old year. I never used to do this but after also seeing a score of fellow bloggers in this past week posting similar pieces which actually all turned out quite interesting, I started thinking more about my own 2015 and how I might sum up my experience. So here it goes…

2015 Highlights

  • This was pretty huge, I travelled to Australia twice in just four months in the past year! We covered a lot of ground, visiting Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide as well as McLaren Vale, Kangaroo Island and the Blue Mountains. I got to know most of Dan’s family and friends, who all welcomed me like one of their own, and I had a fantastic trip both times! Can’t wait for our next trip in February, this time to Melbourne and back to the Blue Mountains. I’m one lucky girl to have been able to go.
  • We moved flats this year. It was a bit of a shock when the Notice to Vacate came through the door of our old place in April, but it couldn’t have worked out better and I absolutely adore our new home. It’s right on the Water of Leith, wonderfully quiet, has a great layout and a lot of space. It’s a joy to get home every day.
  • This year I found my way back to having side-projects and beginning to take more photos once again. I’m really pleased that this happened, I used to be a person who couldn’t sit still and always had some wee project or another going on the side. I think when I started working full time, the dramatic reduction in my free time was such a shock to the system, that a lot of these things fell to the wayside. I’m really excited to have this blog now, and to be getting back into the habit of taking/posting pictures too. I used to be a massive shutterbug back in school, and these new outlets are stretching me in the best way possible to do more of the things I love.

2015 Achievements

  • Beginning to run my own projects at work, some very high profile ones too. I have a really keen interest in design that goes beyond the 9-5, so it’s nice when I notice that I’m getting ahead at the day job too.
  • Sticking to the gym all year, even if with changing weekly frequency. Before last January, I did no exercise whatsoever, and didn’t imagine I ever would enjoy it either. I never thought I’d become someone who regularly works out, or gets up early to do so, yet here I am, 12 months on, and I do both.
  • Starting this blog in August, then keeping it up & on a relatively good schedule since then. I’m really proud that I have managed to stay consistent and I’m quite happy with where I’m at with everything, all things considered.
  • Learning how to drive — this was a real surprise, I never really took any interest in driving but I guess the time has come. I’m still not near getting my license but I’m out on the roads and quite confident that I’ll earn one by mid-next year.
  • Attended three conferences, some through work and some just by myself. I’m quite happy that I’m beginning to put myself out there a lot more professionally.

2015 Downers

  • The Job Hunt… I’ve been trying to move jobs for over a year, over-hauling my design portfolio several times, applying to Heaven knows how many awesome and less than awesome looking places, only to get no response most of the time, or a polite message past the interview stage saying they really liked me but went for someone else… I didn’t find out until December-time that this is due to my current salary being higher than industry average… which I guess is a good place to be financially, but it also locks you in professionally. I’m looking forward to figuring this one out, and getting out of the professional deadlock I found myself in.
  • I’ve been struggling with knee, hip and foot problems since early this year. At one point in August I was almost unable to walk and had to hobble everywhere at the speed of turtles treading peanut butter. I’ve been simultaneously seeing a physio, a podiatrist and getting things checked out at a Biomechanics lab over the past six months. Things have improved heaps thanks to this, but I still really have to watch my step (pun intended).

2015 Discoveries

  • Running. I never thought I’d become a runner, and while I’m a far way off having the license to call myself that, I’m on the right track. Going from 200 meters to 4k was a pretty big thing for me. I’m looking forward to pushing myself harder in the mornings come January, to take this even further.
  • Having a digital camera once again. This was a total revelation! I’ve been sticking to my film cameras, which I still love, but as my developing/scanning process is far from optimal and smooth, I found myself skimping on taking pictures. Black Friday changed all this as I scored a great deal on a Sony a5100 and I’m back in the game again! It feels great to pick up this old hobby more actively yet again.
  • The WordPress community on a local and global scale. You might remember my post on WordCamp Edinburgh 2015. I’m every bit as excited as I was that day, have since attended their December  meetup, and will be there at the January one too. Discovering this community also inspired me to design my first ever set of business cards for myself — double win!
  • Shows-wise, Archer and Rick & Morty have been the biggest discoveries this year, I love both, with probably R&M being the favourite.
  • In terms of music, I’ll have to come back and edit this post if I remember anything. has been unhelpful, it would appear that my favourites were artists like ShpongleWarpaint, Lamb of God, SBTRKT, The Crystal Method, and Roots Manuva… so just the usual mix really.

A few personal goals for 2016

  • Drink more water.
  • Be nicer to people.
  • Stress less, take things easier.
  • Work up to heading down to the gym every morning.
  • Participate in more meetups and subcults
    • WordPress & Wor(l)dCamp
    • Blogging
    • Photography
    • GOMI
    • Chiptune
  • Swear less. I’m the worst.
  • Practice languages. I speak Spanish and Hungarian, but also understand German, Italian and some Catalan. I should not loose what I have and I should learn new things too.
  • Buy less things, but better. Plan my wardrobe & clothes purchases. Spend less on things and more on travel.

So, here’s to 2016! I’m ready for you.

Goodbye 2015
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