Fringe wrap-up

What can I say… I’m happy with my Fringe doings this year. I didn’t do loads – I did just enough.


You have to keep in mind of course that I had no holidays, worked full time and went away for the last weekend of it too. I’m exhausted just enough that it feels good that it’s over now but I will still look forward to it come next year.


Having said that, here’s what I managed to squeeze in last minute before heading to Brighton:

  • Munch, a BDSM-themed poetry night, laughed myself to tears throughout. Must get the words to this and re-read.
  • Adam Hills, perhaps the first pure standup act I truly enjoyed. Aussie and a veteran Fringe performer, he made his show out for a good cause – cancer support and kids charities. “Let’s kick cancer in the balls, wheeeeee!”
  • Nina Conti, ventriloquist. We hid in the square middle of the theatre so we don’t get picked – besides Monkey, she operates detachable giant chins on unsuspecting members of the audience. Wish I caught her closer to the beginning of the festival, she was still brilliant, but seemed a bit tired perhaps. 30 nights on the Fringe can’t be easy business.

I meant to be back in time for the closing fireworks to watch that with friends too, but easyJet thought otherwise. I’m writing this to pass time at the airport. Who knows, I may well watch it from the sky.

So anyways, it’s over and what not. Now keeping busy every day will be a different kind of challenge.


So long and until next year!

Fringe wrap-up
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