Fringe progress

I’m writing this while grappling with a tremendous wine-induced headache, which I guess is a good sign that my Fringe effort is well on track. First festival week done!

I say first, because there’s so much to do still, and I decided to continue the good effort for another week. In the meantime here’s a quick recap of what went down, and what is yet to come.


Day #1 I ran off work to see the Five-Thirty Cabaret in the Famous Spiegeltent. Let’s just say that the description and image is highly misleading, and that we both were in the lower 20% of the crowd’s age range. I’d skip this one with confidence. Then we popped home for a quick dinner and a nap before Barbu! Electro Trad Cabaret started at 9.50pm at the Circus Hub. You already read about the lasting impression it made in my last post.

Day #2 I had to take the day off, my feet were saying no again (what’s wrong with me?!), I was pretty knackered from staying out late the night before, and on top of that we both had a pretty crap day at work – cuddle times were required. To wind down we watched Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett is absolutely killing it with her acting, she’s spectacular. So not much happened by way of the festival that day.

Day #3 marked David’s leaving do, he’s escaped! So proud of him, he’s heading to a really cool place for his next gig. He chose to mark the occasion by attending the Head North My Friend! edition of Jura Unbound, which took place in Charlotte Square’s very own brand new & shiny Spiegeltent.


We had a nice enough time although some of the authors were trying a bit too hard at being deep and powerful. This was the case for the Greenlandic artist Jessie Kleemann, whose performing style I loathed but whose words did transport me into the nordic lands of melting ice and killer whales.

The Boy went out with his colleagues on Day #4 to see some shows. A shame I missed the first one but I did join them for the rest of the night. We all just caught up and then headed to watch a selection of the free Fringe to finish up the night.


Day #5 was the real killer. I went out with our interns to see off one of them who just finished their placement. Even though I was the oldest person in the group, it was just so much fun. The girls are really switched on, smart and funny. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t talk to them more and sooner. That is sure going to change now. Rhiannon & I then got very drunkenly confused about which venue to go to for Close Up by Circa. It’s a little miracle that we got in! The acrobats didn’t fail to amaze, we whooped our voices a bit raw at the gorgeous males and nimble ladies.

By this point I effectively downed a full bottle of pino grigo (I was forced to!) and the following morning was nothing short of ugly. Which brings us to today.

Days #6 and #7 also promise to be eventful, and I still have a bunch of shows to go see during this second week, but I’ll cover all that in the next post.

  • Hey hey 16k!
  • Adam Hills @ The Assembly Hall
  • Cariad & Paul: A Two Player Adventure @ Pleasance Courtyard
  • Nina Conti @ Pleasance Theatre
  • Velvet by La Clique
  • Ockham’s Razor: Arc & Every Action
  • Amanabanana
  • Awkward Happiness
  • Blues and Burlesque: Happy Hour
  • Bromance
  • Correction
  • The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In
Fringe progress
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