First year

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And counting! I’m usually not one for big sloppy birthday celebrations, but while randomly checking my analytics, I realised that yesterday marked a full year of posting on here.

This was the first thing I wrote. Seventy-five posts later, and I’m very much in the same headspace, meaning to keep this place going for a good while longer, as a kind of visual diary of the things I get up to. For the second year, I think I’ll try to double up efforts on posting once a week at least. There’s certainly enough going on in my life to share!


As for readers, there are a few more of you today than a year ago, but you certainly keep very quiet. As I don’t really know all of you in person anymore, I thought it might be high time to shout out to y’all regulars and ask — who are you and how did you find this place? What were the things you most liked reading? What should I write more about?

Go on, leave a comment, and let’s chat.

First year
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