Not quite German, but definitely a market

Just a bunch of snaps today, from this weekend’s outing to the xmas market, which was rather nice. Is it just me though, or is it the same every year, only bigger? This year it goes on in endless rows of stalls, on what’s quite literally four entire levels built onto the slopes of Princes Street Gardens. It’s huge, and I don’t think I saw more than a third of it.

Sidenote: often I do wonder if someone made themselves really rich by building out this network of cookie cutter fairs all across Europe…? I’ve been to several different countries’ ones, and they’re all identical, down to the wares sold. Come to think of it, you could run it exactly like any other festival. Take six mulled wine stands, three bratwurst grills, three times ten different kinds of ‘artisan vendors’, one-hundred-and-twenty wooden chalets and a bajillion fairy lights. Add a Ferris wheel, shake well. Set it down in the town center, et voilá.

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Regardless, I go every year for a pretzel and a wander. There’s an art to finding the right times when it’s not mobbed, but last Saturday I didn’t really put much thought into the matter and just went for it. Sure enough the crowd was epic, but the pretzel and mulled wine was ghuud and it was a nice excuse to test out my new camera in low light. It didn’t do half bad I have to say!

National Gallery and the Christmas MarketLast Resort at Christmas Market Bothy at Christmas Market

A mandatory walking-with-my-pretzel shot:

Pretzel at the Christmas Market

Once we exhausted what the market had to offer, chilled by the wind we made our way up to the Royal Mile to check out the latest attraction, a massive gate and tunnel of LED panels that flashes and flickers to some loud music. I can’t say I liked it, but at least I guess I didn’t expect much either — it certainly didn’t warrant any photos. The view from North Bridge on the walk back did, however:

Edinburgh night skyline

Since last week some little birds told me there’s a Transylvanian kürtőskalács stand somewhere buried deep in the many lanes of the market, which I must have completely missed. This warrants braving the crowds a second time! I’m keen introduce you to the awesomeness that is this cinnamon-sugary spiral-cake-bread, and what better excuse for buying five rolls of the stuff than a blog post!

So I’ll end the post here, until next time, when I can show you some.

Not quite German, but definitely a market
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