Discovering WordCamp

I just got home from WordCamp Edinburgh, part of a global series of annual events for people interested in WordPress. I run WP to power this blog, so naturally I had to be there. And, being slightly tipsy still, owing to some red at the afterparty (is there a theme here?), I want to tell you all about it.

Now, I totally luuurve WordPress. It’s the single biggest publishing platform freely available on the intertubes, powering over 20% of websites out there. Blogs, large publishing companies, small businesses and all.

It’s something I’ve been playing around with since 2008, so I do have a decent bit of tinkering experience with it and I can safely say it’s your best option if you want to get started fast. Whenever I need to put things out there on the web, I find it by far the easiest way to pull together something presentable-looking, and get on to the more important (and exciting) things like content.

For example slapping together this blog at its most basic form took me about an afternoon and a half in total, and then I could get to writing and all that good stuff.

WordPress logo stickers

Another great benefit of committing to WordPress is that the community around it is hyo-mun-gous. I’ve been nosing around the Edinburgh faction for a good couple of months now, although the meetups were always at times that I couldn’t make. So when the 2015 Edinburgh WordCamp (a yearly WP community gathering) got announced, I instantly I grabbed a ticket and marked it my diary. And boy did I not regret it!

I was so incredibly impressed by this event! For something like £20 they put on a full day of speakers, refreshments, an afterparty and had a fantastic crowd come along too. I haven’t felt this connected and excited about any community in a long time.

It gave me heaps of ideas on how to improve on this blog, but also sparked thousands of thoughts of where my professional niche might be.

Right now, in a slightly drunk post-afterpar-tay state I’m frantically researching keywords and looking for gaps in the market, and through this red-wine-induced, excited fog it looks like there’s a corner of the internet out there for me to fill.

Discovering WordCamp
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