Between cities


Oh wow, this is really on! I’m on my first flight back from Bristol as I write this, having just completed the first week at my new job (which, by the way, still looks and feels amazing).

I guess I haven’t gone into much detail on here on what the deal is with job change, beyond the fact that it’s in Bristol, so here’s what’s happening.

As of Wednesday, I’m working for a really cool and laid back digital agency with offices located in Bristol, London and Mountain View. Their clients are the world’s biggest names in tech. It’s a real privilege to work for them, and a fantastic way to boost my cv, so I couldn’t be more excited for the role!

Here’s the catch though: even though the job is in the South, I am not (yet) relocating from Edinburgh and instead will be commuting weekly. The main reason being is that I want to settle into the job before we uproot everything we have up in Scotland.

So for a while my typical week will look like this:

  • Monday: EDI-BRS flight to be in the office by 10am
  • working in the Bristol office Mon-Tue-Wed
  • Thursday: Bristol-London train ride to arrive by 10am
  • working in the London office Thu-Fri
  • Friday: LTN-EDI flight leaving the office at 4pm
  • weekends in Edinburgh

Now I realise that a Bristol – London – Edinburgh commute sounds pretty mental to most people. But in actual fact the logistics isn’t as hard as it sounds — a combination of a flexible employer, budget airlines and airbnb goes a very long way…

Even though I have the planning down to a t, I still cannot believe that this is actually happening; that this is my life now, not just some temporary adventure, but my new day-to-day.

On one level this is a happy disbelief, because of the infinite improvement in my working environment (surely, this is too good to be true); but on another there’s still a lingering worry that this cannot work out, that perhaps I messed up my budgets, or the flights will be a way bigger pain in the A than I anticipated, or how much it will suck to be away from Dan, and so on and so forth.

Worries aside though, all my dreams are happy dreams, a very unusual but welcome change. I’ve had extremely vivid dreams all my life, and typically in a situation like this I’m more likely to have nightmares about being chased than of wandering in lush, magical and luminous landscapes and scenery… I sleep well, wake up easily, and with a sense of purpose, keen to start the day.

No job is perfect, and I know there will be downers I uncover along the way, but I’m just happy that things are off to a positive start.

Between cities
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