An ideal anniversary

I’m a simple girl, it’s not that difficult to make me happy on an anniversary.

In fact this is all it takes:


No, really. A campfire, bbq dinner, plenty of booze, and a comfy airbed.

Dan knows this and so he whisked me away to blackout country for the night last weekend, to mark our three years together.

Kielder Forest is a very special pocket of peace and quiet, I’m gutted that all we had was a single day, I’ll absolutely insist on heading back as soon as we get a free weekend again (poor D, didn’t see this coming). The campsite is superb, with a cute wee river on one side and a pine forest on the other, and a really decent pub located conveniently right at its South end too. What more could you wish for?

The drive down was beautifully foggy, at points you couldn’t see at even two cars lengths (well I guess this could have been kinda scary actually), through valleys and pine forests and sheep farms right during lambing season. (I have a special crush on the wee lammies… they are damn cute, and damn tasty.) By the time we arrived though, the sun made an appearance, so we quickly pitched and headed over to the inn for pints and a very early dinner.

At this time of the year, evening light seems to stretch on for like, forever, so once back at the tent, we just kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, chatting away. At one point I got it into my head that we must immediately make a campfire for warmth and ambience, largely ignoring the fact that there won’t be enough fire stuffs to cook breakfast — I decided there’s plenty of time to worry about that in the morning, and just have a nice time.


I don’t know if it was the citronella candle, the smoke of our shoddily made fire, perhaps the copious amounts of cider, bubbly and then rum permeating our skin, or simply the time of year, but we weren’t bothered by midges or mozzies that night and had the best time mulling over life changes, past and present friendships, five year plans and god knows what else…

I had the nicest evening, watching the clouds swoosh by in the wide sky above, listening to the sound of the stream to our right, looking into the fire and watching out for the first sparkles of stars.


Like I said, it didn’t take much. And it made me very very very happy.

An ideal anniversary
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