An escape to the Faroes

I always take a week off in between jobs, and call it the Week of Freedom. Then I usually spend my notice period writing up a HUGE to-do list, part errands, part feel-good things to do. I also always try to get away to somewhere special, even just a few days, to clear my head and mark the occasion. This time we headed to the Faroe Islands.

Life is busy right now so I won’t be rambling on much today, and just photo-bomb you with the goodness, leaving some town names and links throughout for the walks that we did — all highly recommended!

Driving to Viðareiði:



I’m thinking this was somewhere on Suðuroy? The sheep were strange-looking.


When you go to the Faroes, you take this picture:


Just a different view of Gásadalur (same village as above):


At the beginning of a mind-blowingly beautiful hike to Hvannhagi


Looking out to Troll Lady’s Fingers:


And finally exploring the big lake Vágar before our flight:


Godspeed, banking! I’m gone, over on the colourful side now.

An escape to the Faroes
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