A troupe of real men

Picking up tickets for this show was a no-brainer. Beards! Men in jocks! Sweat and acrobatics! What else could you wish for?

Liam seemed to agree, so we headed out into the chilly Monday night to see Cirque Alfonse on the Festival. Despite the late hour, we went from yawning to eyes-wide pretty much as soon as the music started. Cheeky and playful, with lots of beard-tugging and a large pinch of Victorian era fetish thrown in, the show mixed so many influences of most of my favourite kinds of entertainment.

Costume and visuals mostly brought back the troupes of some two hundred years ago, days when circus wasn’t sparkly or glam, but really just a mesmerizing bunch of travelling freaks and acrobats that you ran away with. The live band supporting the acts was a real treat too, a mix of period circus tunes and punchy electro beats; some

The French-Canadian troupe didn’t disappoint in the looks department either, large strong men wearing suspenders and corsets at the beginning, stripping to sweaty black briefs halfway through the performance. Many pounds of glorious beard and muscle on show. The two lady acrobats were also really something, such strength, I couldn’t stop looking at their shoulders, thighs.

Barbu, foire électro tard - Cirque Alfonse

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Check out Alexandre Galliez‘s fantastic Barbu! album on Flickr


But best of all, the whole bunch of them looked like they were having a hell of a party, scouting out the good beards in the audience, climbing all over people, occasionally flashing someone.

The Boy opted for staying in to do his banking instead, not too interested in ogling real men — he missed out!

A troupe of real men
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